Guidelines for students preparing research work

Every student is required to prepare a three-ring binder containing as much as possible of the information described below. For each major section, please begin the corresponding section in your binder with a tabbed separator labeled so as to identify the section heading. All sections are required to be included.

1.Summary Data

Complete the following on personal information:

Your Name:________________________________________________________

Your SSN:________________________________________________________

Date entered program (semester/year):_____________________________

Full or part time student?________________________________________

Principal source of support:_____________________________________

2 Curriculum Vitae

The CV should contain the following information:

  1. Academic degrees: List all degrees you have earned to date, including for each degree the date it was conferred, the subject area, and the institution's name and general location.
  2. Professional employment: List any teaching or research assistantships, any fellowships, and any nonacademic jobs providing training or experience in the area of specialization or closely related areas. For teaching and research assistantships, indicate level of effort, e.g., whether these were 1/2 time, 1/4 time, etc. appointments.
  3. Honors and Awards: List any special academic honors, awards, or honor society memberships.
  4. Publications: List all published writings for which you are the author or a co-author.
  5. Service: Indicate anything you have done which either directly or indirectly benefited the department, university, or the profession--e.g., officer of the student chapter, reviewer for professional conference or journal, assistance at any professional conference, help at science fairs, service in local public schools, etc.

3. Research Publications and Writing

  1. Begin this required section by repeating the publication list cited in your CV.
  2. Place a reprint or photocopy of one research publication of which you were a contributing author. State the role you played in this publication, i.e., what was your role in the research and in the writing of the paper.
  3. If you were not the person primarily responsible for writing this paper, or if you have no publications, then you must contribute a work of a research nature which you personally created. This should be your Masters Thesis, or if you have not written a thesis, then some other research oriented writing such as the area survey paper.

Guidelines for writing a research

1. Write a minimum words assigned to you

2. Reflect on cited works.

3. It will include:

  1. Table of Contents
  2.  Introduction
  3. Bibliography
  4. End or foot notes

4. Use one of the following style manuals:

  1. The Chicago Manual of Style, Author: University of
  2. Chicago, Library of Congress location: Z 253, U58c, 1993
  3. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses,
  4. and Dissertations, Author: Kate L. Turabian, Library
    of Congress location: LB 2369, T929m, 1987