Message from the international chancellor Col.Dr.Gunter Chasse

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Message of the Chancellor

In our quest for finding ways and means of disseminating knowledge and  building young scientists and innovators suited to the 21 st century , YSU has made further inroads by successfully incorporating in the USA and also affiliating  with a large network of reputed institutions . It is a member of the Academic Consortium of the Americas . It is empowered to promote professional and technical education and collaborate with universities worldwide in such pursuits. We currently have one offshore campus, Java Institute For Advanced Technology, Sri Lanka, and in time to come there will be more offshore campuses of this University.

 It will be a leading  university globally promoting world-class scientific  and holistic education to develop innovative products while striving to improve the quality of life of our students and society by delivering top level, innovative products   with a strong commitment to scientific method while also focusing on inner consciousness development of these scientists to add a lasting value to society. This way we are making sure that Consciousness based education will be added to the curricula for which students will receive additional credit. For This purpose we have also establised in Sri Lanka the Maharishi Institute of Advanced Technology which operates under the Faculty of Creative Studies , which was declared open by Dr.Bevan Morris, President, Maharishi University of Management, USA.

It is our vision to provide these  students with a world-class technological education program with an authentic scientific  focus that extends far beyond the classroom. They can expect a rigorous and demanding program as well as a powerful and challenging intellectual environment. YSU has  an international scope; YSU will have  deep ties with Scientists, professionals, and other leaders and their organizations worldwide.YSU  provides talented young individuals with a practice-focused learning experience that prepares and distinguishes them for technological and scientific competence globally.

In order to provide this opportunity and build the momentum it is incumbent  upon us to have the right people who are dedicated and committed and proven their worth in the academic , scientific  and spiritual world.

I invite you to discuss your requirements with us and help reach thousands of deserving students worldwide .