Please type or print. It is important to complete all information.

Professionalism, neatness and accurateness in completing your application package is important

Please complete and submit to your Affiliated Organization. We do not register individual applicants at YSU.


PART I: Personal

1. Last Name ______________________First Name _______________Middle _____________

2. Address __________________________________ (or) P.O. Box ________________

3. City_________________State________(Country)_______________Postal Code ________

4. Home phone _________________ Office ___________ E-Mail _________________________

5. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy) ____/_____ /_____ SSN/NIC _______-______-______ Sex _______

6. Company:_________________________________________________________________

7 Head of Department __________________________________Phone _____________________

8. Company Address ___________________________________ P.O. Box _______________

9. City___________________State________(Country)_______________Postal Code _______


PART II: Education

Check all that apply: High School Diploma _____ GED _____ College Degree_____

List all colleges, universities, schools, and seminars attended. Include workshops, certificate courses, and other significant formal training. Attach legible copies of diplomas, certificates, transcripts or other verifiable documentation of training. Evaluation for credit will be made by the information you supply. 

Official transcripts are required with school seal and registrar’s signature.  

(Attach additional School or College Attended Location Dates Degree/Certificate






PART III:Application Checklist

1.    I have attached a written essay giving reasons why I wish to engage in higher studies.

2.    I have enclosed  , National ID, Attested Certificates and current photographs of myself.

3.    I have attached a resume (history) of my life, work experience.


I wish to enroll in the following checked program (check one) .

Class Audit___Individual Course_____Certificate (specify)___________________________



I plan to major in:____________________________

                                                                                                                        Part IV Signatures

This application must be completed and signed before it will be processed.  If you have questions about the application process, please call or email.



Signature of applicant

Date signed :______________________________


Other Information

1. How did you find out about Young Scientists University? ________________________________

2. Why did you choose YSU?______________________________________

3. I would like used books if they are available.__________________________________________________

4. Suggestions or comments: ________________________________________________________________


Admission Policy and Procedure

i. Admission will be made strictly on merit.

ii. The admission committee may refuse admission to any candidate without assigning any reasons.

iii. The application form should be completed and submitted with the following documentation

a. 3 passport size colored photographs.

Duly Attested Copies of

b. Personal National Identity Card

c. Matriculation Certificate/O'Level/S.S.C / GCE

d. H.Sc/High School Diploma/F. Sc (Intermediate)/"A" Level/Grade 12(American School)

e. Degrees or Diplomas and other professional courses completed.

f.  Experience certificates from Companies

Once above documents are received, the admission committee of YSU will decide about the probable acceptance of application.




If it is found at any stage that a student has obtained admission by furnishing incorrect or false information, his or her admission shall be cancelled and the amount paid shall be forfeited.