About Us
About Us

Young Scientist University (YSU) of United States of America was legally incorporated ( Corporate Number: 100615573) under the laws of USA by a group of highly qualified academics and professionals worldwide to produce young specialists in all major fields relevant for the sustainable development of the global village.

The Young Scientists' University of USA is totally dedicated towards recognizing, encouraging, rewarding the talented youth who are motivated to pursue scientific research and innovative development of new products, service and concepts as career and serve the country as entrepreneurs as well as fellow citizens through their dedicated effort in their own field. We bring them up in scientific nature which they are keen on and  they are equipped with world class Java technology as implementation tool. We strive to educate students towards reaching the highest levels of performance, effective talents, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship development during their undergraduate career for them to reach the highest level as a scientist in their young age encouraging them for new inventions and market those using entrepreneurial skill they develop within the academic career.We also strongly promote the individual development of graduates by incoporating modules related to Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality including major world religions and have already taken steps to incoporate such units of study.
Our Motto
Aien Aristeuein - Ever to Excel
Our Strategy
"Everything in the Universe has a Science,
Be a Scientist in Your Own Field"

In depth researches revealed thousands of years back the most important sciences and scientific concepets were originated from Asian region and migrated to europe hence dispersed and became popularized worldwide as they were originated in europe. The leadership of Young Scientist University decided to dig that hidden talents of Asians again by focusing its faculties more in the asian region. India and Sri Lanka were selected in the first place for them to establish their prominent faculties with its affiliations and academic collaboration considering all othere stratergic advantages they have at present.

Our Vision

Be the global leader in producing young scientists in all fields imparted with highest academic knowledge skills in soft technology entrepreneurship and creativity

Our Mission

Establish higher learning institutes world wide with affiliations, academic collaborations and  talented professionals, entrepreneurs and academics who work in isolation to bring them to a a single platform for them to work productively and efficiently for the sustainable development of the globe.

Our Objectives

Young Scientists University will use its resources to help  to reach to thousands of deserving , yet impoverished youth to optimize their true potential and be empowered for great service to the world in the new millennium.

We strive to provide professional and technical education at a lower, affordable cost through our affilaite ed Institutions and certify those who complete at appropriate levels of learning signifying their levels of attainment.

Our Authority And Mandate

Pursuant to a declaration dated 25 March 2010 , the signatories thereto provided a broader mandate for worldwide education centered on Consciousness Based Education-CBE, and to work together to promote, strengthen, disseminate and advance knowledge through research on indigenous rural art, science and culture. Based on this mandate, Young Scientists University was established and incorporated in USA for its global outreach. Corporate number 100615573. Col Dr. Gunter Chasse who represented  the Council of the Global Country of World Peace   became its first Chancellor, while Dr. Susie Dilbeck, Member of the Board of Trustees of Maharishi Uni of Management , USA  and The President of IFCBE, USA , was appointed to the Senate. Dr. Taddy Blecher was nominated to the International Council. It was subsequently affiliated to Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Chater of Medicina Alternativa, Alma Ata 1962 which has branches in over 100 countries.